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Monday, 3 November 2008

Took some time out - Been Camping

Well, since DH went back to work today after having two weeks off, he decided that he would like to getaway somewhere at least once on his holiday. So we took the boys on an adventure and did an overnighter. We took the camper trailer to Cedar Grove Camping grounds in the Amamoor State Forest (where they hold the annual Gympie Muster). Absolutely beautiful there and it was rather quiet too which was really nice. This is my first panorama shot with my new camera. This is the lovely creek which is the swimming hole for this camp spot. The boys just loved it (even though I thought it was freezing cold).

Was the perfect spot and day for a little hand stitching though. Of course you really didn't think I spend the weekend without some craft did you. (lol) I took my secret squirrel project with me to try and get finished so I can hopefully share with you soon. More on that later.

I thought I would also share with you our setup when we camp. Quite modest my also with a touch of home. (I know you've seen these before but this is how they are lovingly used). lol. I also forgot to mention the shaggy cushions that I had made to match each of the boys quilts.

And of course the room would not be complete without the main bed. I must say it is all quite comfy.
Our surroundings are so beautiful and it really is quite a nice spot. We had some unexpected visitors early Sunday morning much to the delight of two little boys.
Just a few more pics of our camp site and surrounds and I'll stop boring you (after all it is suppose to be a craft blog). lol

There are some really great walking tracks around the site too. Jaden and I went on our own little adventure which was really special for me. I so enjoy my special time with him. They are just growing up too fast. (sob) Anyhow that was what I was up to this weekend. Would love to show you all the pics but I'd be here all night and there are more important things tonight like hello !!! Craft!!! lol. Happy Camping, I mean Crafting. D. :=)


Joy said...

Wow, your camper looks just like home!!! I must admit, I have quilts that follow us when we go camping too ;o).

chook said...

looks like you had fun dee
hugs Beth