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Friday, 7 November 2008

Festive Charm Tablerunner Update

Just a quick update on how my Festive Charm Tablerunner is going... Well I have hardly been able to sleep since starting this project because it's just about all I can think about (so I'd better hurry up). I can't believe and never imagined how starting a blog could get me so motivated into getting my UFO's finished. I just want to get everything finished so I can show you all. I think discovering so much inspiration at my fingertips from other like minded people has been so wonderful. (such an understatement I know). Anyhow, here is the update on the runner.

So far, in between organising Jaden for his first two orientation days in readiness for Prep next year (I don't know who is more excited him or me for him - he's growing up way to fast), parent meetings for prep and kindy commitee breakup meetings (me being the secretary of minutes) I have 25 petite little blocks ready to go and the other 25 just needing the top and bottom rows attached. Then it will be down to deciding on the placement and then joining them all together.

Here are a few of the first 25 completed ones and this next pic is of the remaining 25 yet to be sewn. Not far to go now.
I'm having fun doing this project. So thanks Ruth for this one. I think this could be a good chrissy pressie project, quick enough to whip up a few at once - I won't get to far ahead of myself just yet, one project at a time (cause who needs more UFO's, certainly not me) lol. Will keep you posted.
Happy Crafting. D. :=)

1 comment:

Janellybelly said...

Hi Dee
Your squares look fantastic! It will be a completed table runner in no time :)
Janelle xx