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Thursday, 4 February 2016

A commitment to Me!

 I've made a commitment to myself.  2016 is going to be my year!

I think I can write off 2015 and just say "Hey, I didn't achieve anything in 2015 but I'm going to really give 2016 a good ole go!"

It seems life is starting to rush by especially now my once babies are now growing into (I think) pretty handsome young men-to-be.  Jaden has now started high school and is loving it. Bailey is now into Year 5 and also still loving school.  I am very blessed to have such beautiful, loving boys who enjoy school.  I am grateful and give thanks.

I have a beautiful and supportive husband who has finally found a job without all the stress of corporate life and is relaxing and enjoying life.  I am grateful and give thanks.

I finally have my wonderful sister and her beautiful family living in the same town as me so I can be there to give support and share in family events together.  Or just to spend time crafting with.  I am grateful and give thanks.

I have a great job where I can work part-time to enjoy a better work/life balance.  I am grateful and give thanks.

Why then, if life is good.....and don't get me wrong I am Grateful and Thankful for all my blessings, do I feel like being a hermit and not wanting to go anywhere or even do anything.  I have been feeling  blahhhhh!  Well that was 2015!

As I said I have made a Commitment to myself.  I can make the change.   It starts now.  It starts here.  It starts with ME.  I have to do it.  Who's with me?

Well!!! Has it really been that long????

Well......I was very shocked indeed to discover today how long it has been since I have last updated my blog.  OMG....Last post 2011.  My goodness how time has certainly flown by.  I think I need to give my poor neglected little blog spot a lot of TLC.

I notice all the WISPS that I had listed on here have now been completed...well some of them (they are afterall works in SLOW progress. Lol.  At least I will have lots for show and tell.

Hopefully I still have some followers out there.  I can understand if you have all given up.  But I will endeavour to now keep this little blog of mine up to date as best I can now I'm back.

Love D.