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Monday, 3 August 2009

How disgusting am I!!!!!

I am absolutely disgusted with myself that it has been sooooooooooooo long since I have been on my blog. I am so out of touch with everything right now. I can see I am going to have to devote at least two maybe three whole days with many packets of biccies and lots of tea to catch up on the beautiful things that you have all been up to. I am not posting any pics today, but I promise that by the end of the week I will definately have lots to post about.

Today I am just posting a quick hello to everyone to let you know that I have not fallen into a crack somewhere and disappeared forever. But where has the year gone?????? I can't believe that I have neglected my blog for so long.

Well, where have I been all this time I hear you ask....................Absolutely nowhere. I started work again this year (for the first time since having my boys) and it has taken up alot of my time. Not that that is any excuse. Between work and looking after my boys it has been a very busy first half of the year. I got offered some temporary work in the office at one of our local High schools this year which has turned into a full years work. It has been absolutely wonderful. I get school holidays with my boys and get paid for it. I work with a great group of ladies and I have had a blast so far. Who knows where it may lead.

Jaden started Prep this year and all is going so well for him. Reading already. I am constantly in awe of my little man. It seems he is growing all too fast...... Boo Hoo. It seems that between getting him to all his extra activities of an afternoon and on weekends I hardly get much time with him. So we have now started a special Mummy/Jaden time now on a Sunday afternoon. We have taken up golf together and I must say he is not doing to badly either. Of course, I am just the caddy as I know nothing about golf just that any shot forward must be a good shot right... Anyhow, it has been really nice going around the six half holes he plays on beautiful sunny afternoons just the two of us.

Bailey is also doing well and also growing up soooo fast. He will be starting Kindy next year and I wonder of course how I will cope (lol). I know he will do just fine. Of course he is doing everything that Jaden does of late. He loves his big brother so much and just has to be doing what he does. It is beautiful seeing him sitting next to Jaden pretending to read and using his finger following the made up words he uses. Just like Jaden.

Jamie has been an absolutely wonderful dad and husband. He has cut his hours back this year to help me get back to work. He does all the getting ready for school (since I have to be a work by 7:30 am) and dropping off and I do the picking up. It has been working really well and he has been enjoying being more involved with the boys (though he has always done lots with them). Jamie has started doing the reading with Jadens class this week and both he and Jaden are excited by this. I did activities with his class for the second term on Monday's and it was great to be a part of these things. Oh what fun it is to be a Mum (or Dad).

On the craft front.....well, not much has been happening there either. So you have not been missing out on much. I have caught up on a couple of quilts though. My Rosewood cottage quilt is all finished and quilted. My Angel Story quilt has been machine quilted in the ditch and is decorated on the boarders but I am diligently hand quilting all the squares so it has been what I have been working on. I have only got the last boarder on my red and white jacobs ladder quilt to go which will mean all I have to do is get it quilted. Janelle you will be happy to know that I have finished putting all my blocks together for my table runner that you gave me inspiration for. I have just been waiting to find the right fabric for the boarder and binding (I'm still trying to track some down). I have done the odd little gifts for friends here and there but nothing too serious.

My goal for this second half of the year is to complete my red and white jacobs ladder and keep up with my blogging. This I hereby promise (just the blogging part, tee hee...).

I have also made my top priority getting my PIF's finished for my three recipients. These will be coming very soon. I already have some ideas and will be contacting them shortly for their addy's. So ladies, if you are reading this feel free to contact me.

Anyhoo, I had better get myself organised and get my boys fed and into bed. Another big day tomorrow (Jaden off to compete in the Maryborough Eistedford with his Prep class, very exciting). Then of course off to bed with me too.

(P.S. I just previewed this post and realised how long it is....Sorry) Great to be back. Missed you all.
D. :=)