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Friday, 31 October 2008

Another Project Started (Don't tell anyone)

I know, I shouldn't be starting anything, but it's only a little one......

I got inspired today reading Threads of Friendship's blog (Janellybelly's table runner). It was so lovely I went straight down to my newsagent and bought the lastest issue of Aust Country Threads (Vol 8 No. 12) and came home and selected my fabrics. This beautiful table runner was designed by Ruth Buchanan who produces some gorgeous work. It was too beautiful resist. I just couldn't help it. Here is a pic of the fabrics I have chosen. These are from the Bound to the Prairie 2 Range by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda. Sorry I can't show you a pic of the finished product, you'll just have to wait till I'm finished, check out Country Threads or visit Janellybelly's blog and see her gorgeous creations. I can't wait to start it. Might just go and do that now. he! he! he!
Happy Crafting D. :=)

Check this blog out - I just loved it.

You just have to check out Tracey's blog. I was really impressed and fell in love with her work. Go visit it when you can. Happy Crafting and blogging. D. :=)

Thursday, 30 October 2008

One more thing before I go to bed...

Just thought I'd Welcome Marnie with her new blog which I'm sure we'll see some great stuff from in the future. Check out Marnie's blog at

Had a great craft night tonight. It was Amanda's last night tonight before we loose her to the bright lights of the big city Melbourne (I'm very very sad). Can't wait to start our net craft nights Manda. Even though we will be loosing Amanda, I welcome our "New Girl" to the block - Fenella. Fenella, hope you had a good night too and want to come back to our mad Cackle.

Nighty nighty, sleep tighty, See you in the morning lighty. (lol that's what I say to my boys every night. They reply " when the sun is shining brighty).
D :=)

Well all blocks are done. Show and tell tonight.

Well, since it was my day with no children yesterday (Jaden at Kindy and Bailey's day at daycare) I decided I would get motivated and finally finish the remaining blocks for my Red & White Jacobs Ladder Quilt. Here they all are - all blocks finished and here is a pic (don't take any notice of the blue quilt underneath.

They are not together yet but I thought I would give you a sneak preview of them before they are finally sewn together (they may not necessarily stay in the order that I have them in in this pic). I hope to get the top together with the white boarder in the next couple of days.

I also got to spend the day with one of my wonderful friends Karen (who is also part of my craft group). I actually started the Cackle Club about six or seven years ago now and Karen was my first ever member. She was so motivated by craft and was one of these ladies that always said "I wish I could make that" and I would reply "But you could" and so the Cackle Club was formed. Karen is also an Angel Story Quilter (below is a pic of my unfinished ASQ - sorry it's not real clear) who has only a few blocks left to do and has already started putting a few together. I helped her start another quilt yesterday which she is very excited about. I had such a lovely day yesterday. Thank you Karen helping me take my mind off some things.
DH (on holidays) took the boys fishing today (which Jaden caught his first Bass - He is very proud indeed as are Daddy and I) and all I did today was blog hopped. I must say I found some really exciting and inspirational blogs out there. It has been my first real opportunity to have a look since I have become blog hooked last week. I have certainly added them to my blog list. I was very excited to get an email from Gail Pan, my dream designer, today. I had been on her blog (which you really must visit) having a read. I love her designs. Here is a pic of the "My Heart of the Home" Backpack I made from one of Gails designs. It won me a beautiful fabric bundle from Homespun Magazine a little while ago. I have decided on the quilt to make with them but of course I have decreed that "No more quilts to be started until I finish some UFQ's" Drat that decree - I wish no-one had heard it....There were too many witnesses to take that one back. I tried. One day not so long ago, when I got a new parcel of fabric delivered I stupidly commented "OOOh I can now start my Muddy Garden Quilt. But of course what I got from DH was " But you said....blah blah blah" "Yeah I know what I said" I better get cracking on those UFQ's hey! lol.

That reminds me too - It is my 1 week anniversary. It has been a week since I started my blog. Happy anniversary to Me!!! lol.

I'd better go and tidy up the table for Craft tonight and send an email to Gail. I'll have to see if I can get a pic of the girls to share with you. lol. Must also say a friendship filled hello to my Craft Girls - Barb, Beth, Amanda, Kelli, Jodi and Karen who all touch my life in a million wonderful ways.

Happy Crafting for now. D :=)

Saturday, 25 October 2008

All very exciting!

I can't say how excited I was with my first comments to my blog. I think it makes it sink in that you really aren't alone in the world and that there are others out there that might like what you do and are excited about the same things. Well what aya know. Thanks.

I have actually had a little bit of time to myself today to catch up on a UFQ (though I do have a list of those that I might tell you about later). I have been working on a quilt that I have decided to do due to our little groups secret santa fat quarter swap last christmas. I had decided then that I would love to do a red and white quilt of some sort with intentions of maybe adding some redwork here and there and that was the colour scheme that my secret santas went with. Well, a couple of months ago I got out all my red and white fabrics and decided on a quilt to use them all in. A Jacobs Ladder design.

There is no redwork but I am happy with my choice and am hoping that it turns out o.k. Some of the fabrics are really lovely and all the white is different for each block. They are white on white fabrics that have not been so easy to come by. I intend to have 3 crosses across and three crosses down which means there are 36 blocks in total and each block is 12" finished. I think I might do a white boarder to show off some quilting and then bind the quilt in a strippy binding of all the reds that I have used in the quilt itself.

I also received from Beth (one of my Happy Cacklers) another fat 1/4 for my bithday that I celebrated just recently and have made a block to add to my quilt to remind me of her. I have been working on my last few blocks. I have over the last couple of months been doing a block or two here and there and last tally was 31 blocks. Well, I cut the last few and have been working on them today. I think that when I am finished putting them all together, I just might celebrate with a little give-a-way of something with my left over blocks. Will certainly keep you posted on that. I can't wait to have this one finished. Will post some pics of my other UFQ's later when my children have gone to bed. Their saturday night movie is about to start and I it's my turn to do popcorn.
Happy Crafting. D :=)

Friday, 24 October 2008

Stage 2 Complete

Well, I have been madly running around with my camera getting pics of just about anything and everything I have made for show-n-tell. Just to bring you up to speed of course and then it will be hopefully things I have finished from here on in (not lol). What would I do without some UFO's - oh what am I thinking - I'd start new ones of course. Anyway here are some pics of some quilts I have made.

This is my first ever completed quilt. I made this for my Dear Hubby (DH). He calls it his swag quilt. Though I nicely informed him (like heck it will) it will never be used for his swag. It is way to big anyway. Having said that though, we do use it in the camper trailer when we go somewhere.

This is one that I made for my eldest son Jaden when he was two (he is now almost five). This Quilt is called "Bear Hugs" from The Chook Shed. The bears can be changed to girl bears with bows on their heads if you are doing it for a girl. I have used scraps from my stash for the main part of the quilt.

Jaden just loved it when I made this for him (and of course still does). It gets used for just about everything. Well loved indeed.

This one I have recently finished for my now two year old son Bailey. It is a little hard to appreciate the farm animals but believe me they are just adorable. Included in this one are Chooks, Cows, Horses, Pigs and Sheep. It is a pattern called "Calico Friends" by Calico Farm Designs.

Unfortunatley I don't have a photo of this quilt completed but this is my first flannel log cabin. I made this one for my mum for her 50th Birthday last year. It is a double sided quilt as I ran out of fabric for the back and ended up piecing all the left over strips to insert into a panel in the back. I was really happy with the finished quilt. It had been quilted by a lovely lady by the name of Cheryl and she had done a gorgeous job of it. I was quite sad to have to give it away but at least I know I can visit it anytime. Cheryl also quilted DH's quilt for me.

Well that's some of the completed quilts that I have done for now. I might post some pics of my UFQ's later. The boys are back from their fishing expedition and it is now my job to view their catch lol. Hugs2U. D.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

At Last!!!!

I have finally done it. I have been nagged (nicely of course) at by one of my close friends not mentioning names (Beth) to do this so now I have created a blog. I have been meaning to do it for some time now and have finally taken the plunge since one of my lovely crafty cacklers has decided to make her own big leap and move away to Melbourne. She will be dearly missed. This is to keep in touch with you Manda Panda.

Anyway, all that said and done, this is my first time at this blogging and hopefully over time this blog will start to look better with age (apparently like most women I'm told since I've just had another birthday and heading deeper into my thirty's).

Must go and do some more craft (and Mum things) as this is my day off. Will update you soon with photo's of all my UFO's and projects that I have in the Bank and of course projects that I have already completed. D:>.