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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Well all blocks are done. Show and tell tonight.

Well, since it was my day with no children yesterday (Jaden at Kindy and Bailey's day at daycare) I decided I would get motivated and finally finish the remaining blocks for my Red & White Jacobs Ladder Quilt. Here they all are - all blocks finished and here is a pic (don't take any notice of the blue quilt underneath.

They are not together yet but I thought I would give you a sneak preview of them before they are finally sewn together (they may not necessarily stay in the order that I have them in in this pic). I hope to get the top together with the white boarder in the next couple of days.

I also got to spend the day with one of my wonderful friends Karen (who is also part of my craft group). I actually started the Cackle Club about six or seven years ago now and Karen was my first ever member. She was so motivated by craft and was one of these ladies that always said "I wish I could make that" and I would reply "But you could" and so the Cackle Club was formed. Karen is also an Angel Story Quilter (below is a pic of my unfinished ASQ - sorry it's not real clear) who has only a few blocks left to do and has already started putting a few together. I helped her start another quilt yesterday which she is very excited about. I had such a lovely day yesterday. Thank you Karen helping me take my mind off some things.
DH (on holidays) took the boys fishing today (which Jaden caught his first Bass - He is very proud indeed as are Daddy and I) and all I did today was blog hopped. I must say I found some really exciting and inspirational blogs out there. It has been my first real opportunity to have a look since I have become blog hooked last week. I have certainly added them to my blog list. I was very excited to get an email from Gail Pan, my dream designer, today. I had been on her blog (which you really must visit) having a read. I love her designs. Here is a pic of the "My Heart of the Home" Backpack I made from one of Gails designs. It won me a beautiful fabric bundle from Homespun Magazine a little while ago. I have decided on the quilt to make with them but of course I have decreed that "No more quilts to be started until I finish some UFQ's" Drat that decree - I wish no-one had heard it....There were too many witnesses to take that one back. I tried. One day not so long ago, when I got a new parcel of fabric delivered I stupidly commented "OOOh I can now start my Muddy Garden Quilt. But of course what I got from DH was " But you said....blah blah blah" "Yeah I know what I said" I better get cracking on those UFQ's hey! lol.

That reminds me too - It is my 1 week anniversary. It has been a week since I started my blog. Happy anniversary to Me!!! lol.

I'd better go and tidy up the table for Craft tonight and send an email to Gail. I'll have to see if I can get a pic of the girls to share with you. lol. Must also say a friendship filled hello to my Craft Girls - Barb, Beth, Amanda, Kelli, Jodi and Karen who all touch my life in a million wonderful ways.

Happy Crafting for now. D :=)


Marnie said...

I just found your blog, and am so glad i did! what lovely craft work you do- I have enjoyed looking at the stuff youve made, and look forward to seeing more posts ( I hope yuo dont mind if I visit your blog again!) Ive just started a new blog too, and went in search of some more quilting blogs (im in Queensland too) and I found yours!!! welcome to blogland! cheers, marnie

Scottish Nanna said...

Hi D I love all your work Pitty Iam so far away Or I would Join your crafty Group.
Hugs Mary.

Stina said...

Hi there Dee...
hope you don´t mind answeing you here at your blog...but you were on no reply so i couldnt email you back...
Thanks for stopping by at my I could find you and your lovely Angel Story is wonderful...and I saw a lot of other wonderful things made by you... lovely!!! :o)