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Friday, 24 October 2008

Stage 2 Complete

Well, I have been madly running around with my camera getting pics of just about anything and everything I have made for show-n-tell. Just to bring you up to speed of course and then it will be hopefully things I have finished from here on in (not lol). What would I do without some UFO's - oh what am I thinking - I'd start new ones of course. Anyway here are some pics of some quilts I have made.

This is my first ever completed quilt. I made this for my Dear Hubby (DH). He calls it his swag quilt. Though I nicely informed him (like heck it will) it will never be used for his swag. It is way to big anyway. Having said that though, we do use it in the camper trailer when we go somewhere.

This is one that I made for my eldest son Jaden when he was two (he is now almost five). This Quilt is called "Bear Hugs" from The Chook Shed. The bears can be changed to girl bears with bows on their heads if you are doing it for a girl. I have used scraps from my stash for the main part of the quilt.

Jaden just loved it when I made this for him (and of course still does). It gets used for just about everything. Well loved indeed.

This one I have recently finished for my now two year old son Bailey. It is a little hard to appreciate the farm animals but believe me they are just adorable. Included in this one are Chooks, Cows, Horses, Pigs and Sheep. It is a pattern called "Calico Friends" by Calico Farm Designs.

Unfortunatley I don't have a photo of this quilt completed but this is my first flannel log cabin. I made this one for my mum for her 50th Birthday last year. It is a double sided quilt as I ran out of fabric for the back and ended up piecing all the left over strips to insert into a panel in the back. I was really happy with the finished quilt. It had been quilted by a lovely lady by the name of Cheryl and she had done a gorgeous job of it. I was quite sad to have to give it away but at least I know I can visit it anytime. Cheryl also quilted DH's quilt for me.

Well that's some of the completed quilts that I have done for now. I might post some pics of my UFQ's later. The boys are back from their fishing expedition and it is now my job to view their catch lol. Hugs2U. D.


chook said...

yay we have pics
I love all your quilts
hugs Beth

On my Verandah.. said...

Welcome to Blogland Dee...Your Quilts look Lovely.Hope to see more of you.

Narelle said...

A big welcome to you! I just popped over from Highland Hen and am in love with your log cabin quilt. I'm starting on one soon and hope it looks as good as yours does.
Have fun blogging.