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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

At Last!!!!

I have finally done it. I have been nagged (nicely of course) at by one of my close friends not mentioning names (Beth) to do this so now I have created a blog. I have been meaning to do it for some time now and have finally taken the plunge since one of my lovely crafty cacklers has decided to make her own big leap and move away to Melbourne. She will be dearly missed. This is to keep in touch with you Manda Panda.

Anyway, all that said and done, this is my first time at this blogging and hopefully over time this blog will start to look better with age (apparently like most women I'm told since I've just had another birthday and heading deeper into my thirty's).

Must go and do some more craft (and Mum things) as this is my day off. Will update you soon with photo's of all my UFO's and projects that I have in the Bank and of course projects that I have already completed. D:>.


chook said...

oh yay
I am your first do I get a prize for that
congrats and welcome to blogland
now can I tell my other blog friends about you ????
hugs Beth

dgsootle said...

How exciting is this and sooooo bad of me at the same time. I really have to get used to all this as I have have just discovered your comment. I have to work out how all this works (real soon lol). Yes Beth You are certainly my first comment though someone else has become my first follower. Wow. For my first to comment you will definately get a prize. I will be sending you a little something soon. Will surprise you. Hugs2U2 D.

Scottish Nanna said...

Oh Yay I am Beths Mum Do I get a prize too LOL welcome to blogger land I have you in my Favourites We will all miss Amanda hope all goes well for her .Happy blogging.
Hugs Mary.

Catherine said...

Welcome to is so much fun and very addictive!! Cathy