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Saturday, 25 October 2008

All very exciting!

I can't say how excited I was with my first comments to my blog. I think it makes it sink in that you really aren't alone in the world and that there are others out there that might like what you do and are excited about the same things. Well what aya know. Thanks.

I have actually had a little bit of time to myself today to catch up on a UFQ (though I do have a list of those that I might tell you about later). I have been working on a quilt that I have decided to do due to our little groups secret santa fat quarter swap last christmas. I had decided then that I would love to do a red and white quilt of some sort with intentions of maybe adding some redwork here and there and that was the colour scheme that my secret santas went with. Well, a couple of months ago I got out all my red and white fabrics and decided on a quilt to use them all in. A Jacobs Ladder design.

There is no redwork but I am happy with my choice and am hoping that it turns out o.k. Some of the fabrics are really lovely and all the white is different for each block. They are white on white fabrics that have not been so easy to come by. I intend to have 3 crosses across and three crosses down which means there are 36 blocks in total and each block is 12" finished. I think I might do a white boarder to show off some quilting and then bind the quilt in a strippy binding of all the reds that I have used in the quilt itself.

I also received from Beth (one of my Happy Cacklers) another fat 1/4 for my bithday that I celebrated just recently and have made a block to add to my quilt to remind me of her. I have been working on my last few blocks. I have over the last couple of months been doing a block or two here and there and last tally was 31 blocks. Well, I cut the last few and have been working on them today. I think that when I am finished putting them all together, I just might celebrate with a little give-a-way of something with my left over blocks. Will certainly keep you posted on that. I can't wait to have this one finished. Will post some pics of my other UFQ's later when my children have gone to bed. Their saturday night movie is about to start and I it's my turn to do popcorn.
Happy Crafting. D :=)


Scottish Nanna said...

Hi D am loving your blog You are better than me at it i love your red and white.looks great.
Hugs Mary.

chook said...

I love your quilt it looks fantastic
here is a blog for you to look at
go have a look she has some beautiful stuff
hugs Beth

Chookyblue...... said...

welcome to blogland...........

amanda_vicious said...

hii!! wow uve got so much stuff on here!! ihavent had a chance to get on here or do much. but i will get back into the swing of things when im settled down in melbourne! i looove ur jacobs ladder quilt. its one of my absolute favourites. seeya thursday!!