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Thursday, 27 November 2008

I've been away but now I'm back!

I've been away since Monday in Brisbane taking Jaden to appointments at the Royal Brisbane Childrens Hospital. Nothing serious, just checkups. Jaden takes after me in that he was born with a Cleft lip (me a cleft lip and palette). But it looks so great now and the Royal Childrens have such wonderful specialists there. It was the usual round of Orthodontists, Surgeons and Ear nose and throat Specialists. All looking good and home again now. Thankfully we don't have to go back now for another 12 months.

I have had three wonderful ladies join up for my pay-it-forward exchange, Clare, Viv and Melissa. You can check out the links to their wonderful blogs on my sidebar. Please do.

Here is a pic showing off some of my knitting skills just for Melissa from as I promised. This is the Jumper and Beanie that I knitted for my DH (this is actually him in it in our front yard) to wear on a work trip around Melbourne/Victoria last winter. It is made from Alpaca/Wool and little bit of acrylic. It was so beautiful to knit and did not take long at all. This is the first ever adult jumper I have ever knitted. He loves it and wore it quite alot whilst he was down there. I've knitted a few little jumpers for my boys and everyone now has beanies or hats of some sort now.

My sister has become addicted also but now is more into crochet. Here is a little something she made for Jamie (my dh). He asked her to make him this bear to take to work and put on his computer. I don't think he realised how small it would be. He just loves it though and it is currently travelling with him while he's working in Brisbane for the Recovery Relief from the storms they had recently.
I'd better go, more cleaning and organising my house before Jamie comes home this weekend. Was my chance to declutter. Going well so far.
Happy Crafting!!! D :=)


Janellybelly said...

It's great that you are back safe & sound from your trip - and ready for crafting! I am so glad that you have filled all your PIF spots - go to it!
Janelle xx

Vivien said...


Its good to hear that all went well. I am working on some goodies for the Santa Swap for you. They are looking good.

Hope you have a great day


clare said...

Cute little bear . Clare's CRaftroom

Thistledew Farm said...

Love the knitted cap - thanks for sharing. I adore the tiny teddybear - can I have a copy of the pattern! It is sooooo cute!

Vivien said...


Happy New Year

I am so pleased you got the parcel. I hope that you like what was in it. My grandchildren had great fun planning on what to put in it as well!!!

I love the wee teddy, is it possible to get a copy of the pattern? I would love to make some of those.

Regards, Viv