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Friday, 21 November 2008

Nothing much happening here today.

I have not done much by way of craft today as it has been my special day with Jaden (4). Every Friday when dear Bailey (2) is in daycare, Jaden and I do something special together. Today we went swimming as it is sooooo hot and muggy here at the moment. He has been having swimming lessons lately and I thought the two of us could get in a bit of practice. He was very excited to be able to show off his new skills today to Grandma who came with us just for this purpose. Within no time at all he has changed from a screaming banshee if even flicked with a minute bit of water to a drowned water rat who I just can't keep away from the stuff. Even in the bath he has been donning the goggles and calling out to me to check on his progress. Usually when I'm trying to get tea ready. But I am so proud of him.

I did have something exciting happen today craftwise. I had some fabric delivered to me by my postie fairy. I have been eagerly waiting for the backing/binding to arrive to finish my Rosewood Cottage Quilt (shown on the left here). I ordered the fabric from Abbi May's Fabric Shop. It is one of my favourite shops at the moment. I realised I had run out of the fabric that I used for the outer boarder and I had wanted to bind the quilt in the same fabric (might I say I started this quilt some time ago and and have not been able to find the said fabric anywhere. Until of course I discovered some at Abbi Mays much to my relief). As the fabric was on sale I bought enough to bind and back the quilt in the same fabric. They have been wonderful and it arrived so quickly from the U.S. Now I can complete a quilt on my "UFQ" list and one of my goals for this year. Yippeeee. It is so exciting getting fabric in the mail.
Happy Crafting. D. :=)


Terri said...

Oh, it's so cold and gray here - I can't imagine swimming right now unless it was indoors! Love the quilt - you are very talented!


mandapanda said...

I just love your quilt! So very talented!! It's going to look fabulous once it's complete. Well hey! It looks fabulous now!!