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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The sun will come out.....

Well we have had quite a bit of rain here in Maryborough over the past few months and we are starting to wonder when the sun will eventually stay out.  Not that I am complaining because since we have had a little bit of nicer cooler weather, it has been nice to be SEWING and BLOGGING. So there is always a silver lining I suppose lol.

Well since it has been nice to be sewing and crafting away the drizzly hours, this is what I have been up to.  I have been working on quite a few projects and not all of them mine. 

I have really been enjoying the wonderful company of a dear friend and member of my little cackle group which meets every second Tuesday night at my house for craft. 

Karen has been working on getting her Angel Story Quilt finished.  I am so excited for her as it is so close to being finised now.  We have been spending alot of time on it over the past week and we can see it coming together beautifully (though it has had its moments)lol. 

Karen has done a wonderful job on her stitcheries and as always I think I am the lucky one because I get to spend time with a friend and get to see and share the excitment in others when they complete a project that exceeds their expectations.  I am so proud of my group and what they have achieved since we first started getting together many years ago. 

Karen has also been helping me with a project of my own (a mutally beneficial partnership I think, which I am most grateful).  I have a terrible time as you may have read in previous posts at to my difficulty in doing random quilts and since I have completed all my blocks for my "Travel Quilt" by Leanne Beasley I have been procrastinating when it comes to organising the blocks into any particular order. 

Well last night during and after our fortnightly cackle gathering all the girls had a go at organising my blocks into some sort of order.  It was a mind numbing exercise to say the least and I think it could have got ugly, going on forever (no can't have that there, no too many spot in one area, no now too many reds, not enough cream, two paisley touching.... you all can understand I'm sure.  lol. 

Finally the blocks are organised after me saying at a bit after midnight....That's it, No more.  And now I'm ready to sew.  I think I might do that tonight.  I'm not sure if this pic is the final layout (since I took so many pics of so many different layout and I don't think this photo does it any justice.  Can't wait to show you the final product.  D. :=)

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chook said...

HEHEHE it is going to be beautiful Dee