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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Broken promises and lots of Housework to do here by the looks!!!

Well well well........ Look at what the cat has dragged back on the the blog scene. Yes don't all keel over with shock just yet. I have finally remembered my log in (not that I must have tried to hard mind you over the last 12 months) to get back onto my blog and I thought now that I have a new laptop and all, I might get back into the swing of things here. Thanks to my visit from my friend Beth (from Highland Hen) I have been inspired, maybe mentally prodded to getting back here.

My oh My......................It looks so sad my blog. I think it has been so long since I have been here that everything looks faded. Looks like I'm going to have to do lots of housework in here and have a good clean out. So much has happened since I have been here last I couldn't possibly know where to start but start I must.

I had not realised how much I have been working on until I just had show and tell with Beth. Might I say also that I did not realise how much everyone else has been up to since I have last visited some favourite blogs. Wow, you ladies have been so busy and such gorgeous work happening everywhere. Such talent. Now I'm feeling inspired again.

So much has happend in this last two years with my babies now in Grade 1 and Kindy and myself working fulltime again. I have hardly had time to stitch or craft. I never thought I would be one of those mums running here and there after school with numerous sports, drama, ball room dancing (Yes, my Master 6 now has decided he wants to do ballroom dancing so he can partner either or of my friends twin 6 year olds, Tina Sparkles 1 and Tina Sparkles 2 my friend has nicknamed them) and the various volunteer roles that I try to fullfill. I know you all know the feeling too well. You would think I'm getting the hang of things now. Besides all of that I have had ongoing health issues that I hope to get on track soon. By the by I am certainly in a happy place and just want to get cracking again with my craft.

On the crafting front, I'm still hand quilting my Angel Story, I had to put this away because it was to hot to do over the warmer months and have just recently started with it again. My Red and white Jacobs Ladder quilt top is complete just awaiting the right backing fabric to be quilted. My table runner that I was working on (inspired by Janelle) is complete... whooo something complete. Wow that feels wierd saying that word. Not use to saying that one very often. Hopefully I may get to say it more often. I'm not going to make anymore promises though as since my last post you can all see so publicly how I broke those. I will show some pics of these in a future post as this one is getting quite lengthy.

I have a number of other quilts that I have started some of which are almost complete, so I will have to update my side list (along with the rest of my blog) later. It's nice to have that motivated feeling again. I will post pics and details later.
One of the things that I did last year and should have added to my blog at the appropriate time was that Jaden had to play the part of Joseph in the Navity play at his school last year. I thought I would share with you the costume that I made the night before. I must say that I was quite proud of my whip up efforts. Here is my Joseph.
Hopefully.... I'll be back soon. D :=)


chook said...

I am so glad you have started blogging again . I cant wait to see all the yummy things you are working on
hugs Beth

Maree: said...

Welcome Back...hope to see you stay around more...

Anna said...

Nice to have you back Denella :) I've been checking! :)