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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Jaden making his first quilt.

I thought I would just share with you what my big boy has been up to. I'm so proud of him. This is his first real quilt and he wants to make it for his mummy (lucky lucky me).

Since Jaden was little he use to pretend with a little people play mat that he was making a quilt just like mummy does. He would sit and pretend he was cutting and sewing and when he was finished he would give it to me and say "Here Mummy, I made you a quilt". It was so adorable.

I use to feel sad when I realised that I have no daughters to craft with. But now I have come to believe, Who needs daughters to quilt with anyway!!! Boys are just as fun if they are interested enough. Jaden still loves doing boy things most of all but enjoys a bit of craft with his mum too.

Jaden was four when he decided to make a real quilt. We selected a range of fabric that I had previously purchased called "All you need is love" by Deb Strain.

We looked at a lot of patterns and came up with a simple little block of a 4 patch surrounded by a boarder. The reason he picked this was because each little block was for Mummy, Daddy, Bailey and Jaden surrounded by our love (which was the boarder). Such a simple but beautiful thought cosidering the choice of fabric.

I am really fortunate to have a craft table which is adjustable, so I wound it right down as low as it would go and lowered his chair and ironing board, which made it all perfect. I made sure that we had a few lessons on using the machine first and all I did was the cutting. The rest he did himself (including doing a few seams over - Mummy is apparently a bit piccy).
All he has left to do is complete a few more rows and put the outside boarders on and we can quilt it. Not sure yet who will do that. We might give it a go together.


chook said...

it is looking beautiful
hugs Beth

Anna said...

what a clever young man! :) I think it's important for boys to know how to sew too! good on you Jaden! :)